Training in "soft skills" for doctors, nurses, allied health and other health system staff members

Training by training consultants who understand the unique demands of working in the health system

Doctors, nurses, allied health workers, administrative staff members, medical representatives, scientists, technicians, team leaders and many others have all participated in our training programs.

Participants attend for:

  • Personal/professional development reasons.
  • Skill improvement.
  • Assistance in dealing with colleagues and senior staff in the demanding health system environment.

Participants have come from hospitals, medical practices, specialist clinics, allied health services, community health centres, local health services, medical supply companies, laboratories and health related state and federal organisations.

Because we listen, and talk with people rather than at them, our general knowledge of the health system and environment is very high.

We have worked with people from junior to quite senior levels.

We specialise in the soft skill areas of:

  • Communication and interpersonal skills training.
  • Leadership and management training.
  • Negotiation skills training.
  • Train the Trainer.
  • Facilitation skills.
  • Employee selection and interviewing.
  • Time management training.

In-house training and coaching

Enquire or talk to Derek Stockley about an in-house training course designed to:

  • Meet exactly your staff member and organisational training needs.

  • Complement your corporate values and ethics.

  • Minimise impact on patient/client service.

You will be surprised by how quickly Derek can focus accurately on your situation.

Every organisation is different, but we understand that:

  • Staff member and organisational training needs are growing.

  • Change systems struggle to cope with the pace and diversity of change.

  • Pressures on resources, costs and time are constant.

To discuss your needs and the available options, in Australia,

For full contact details, see Contact Details.

For more information about our approach, see Corporate Values. For information about organising a Training Needs Analysis, see: TNA.

Public training courses

Participants from health related organisations have attended the following public training courses:

Leadership course image  Leadership Course - Melbourne, Sydney, Brisbane and Perth.
Train the Trainer course image  Train the Trainer - Melbourne, Sydney, Brisbane, Perth.
Facilitation skills course image  Facilitation Skills - Melbourne, Sydney, Brisbane, Perth.
Communication course image  Communication Course - Melbourne, Sydney, Brisbane, Perth.
Customer service course image  Public Customer Service Course.
Public speaking course image  Public Speaking and Presentation Skills Course - Melbourne.
Interviewing course image  Selection and Interviewing Skills Course - Melbourne.
Time management course image  Time Management Course - Melbourne.
Negotiation course image  Negotiation Skills Course - Melbourne.

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