Case Study - Leadership and Train the Trainer Coaching

Derek Stockley conducts training and coaching programs. This client case study describes a one day (plus preparation activity) training and coaching session for team leaders in a major manufacturing facility.

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Providing needs based coaching and training

A manager had called me requesting my urgent assistance. She had recently taken over as manager of one of her company's sites. I had worked with her at her previous site where good results had been achieved.

Productivity and team performance were below expected levels. In the current competitive environment, urgent action was needed.

Consequently the training was about training and coaching team members so that production targets could be met (or exceeded). The focus was on developing their leadership coaching abilities by using training techniques.

Whenever I discuss Train the Trainer with people, the discussion about changes and actions flow. During discussions, we identified training needs, whether they were knowledge, skill or attitude related. The training sessions implemented will improve the quality and quantity produced. The $ savings will be significant.

At the start of the day, the team leaders welcomed the training opportunity, but they were a little unsure about how useful it would be. At the end, they were excited by what they would be able to achieve. When the manager came in at the end of the session, the team leaders were motivated and keen. Discussion flowed freely, not just about training, but also about how systems could be improved.

These principles apply to all organisations, not just manufacturing. Australian organisations have a lot of potential just waiting for good training programs to release it.

Training is too often seen as a cost rather than an investment. For this organisation, the ROI (return on investment) was clear.

The training was just over a week ago. As a result of the training and the focus being applied by the new manager, production targets were exceeded in the week following. This was a significant improvement.

Good training is motivational as it helps people. It shows organisational commitment. It provides a recharging of the batteries.

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