Case Study - Train the Trainer Coaching

Derek Stockley conducts training and coaching programs. This client case study describes a one day training and coaching session for a senior manager with key responsibilities for the introduction and ongoing management of a key business process system.

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Providing needs based coaching and training

Time is a critical resource. The timing of training is also critical. The closer to the actual need to use the skills, the more effective the training.

In this case, a senior manager responsible for the Australian wide introduction of a new computer system required presentation skills training. Although he had public speaking experience, the training and coaching provided specifically addressed the issues involved in the training he was about to provide.

The web based system managed the company’s key business process. It was an improvement on an existing paper based system. Training sessions with users would primarily be to explain aspects of the new system, but the manager also expected questions about the features of the business process itself.

The session covered presentation skills, training needs analysis, aiming training at the right level, learning principles and training design. Practical exercises included a review of the proposed training and refinement of the various messages to be made through the training.

During the session, Derek was able to review the planning that had already been done, making some suggestions for change.

The manager commenced training company staff soon after his coaching session. The training went smoothly and the new system was successfully implemented. The quality of the training meant that staff resistance to change was minimised. The system was demonstrated effectively and questions were answered simply and honestly. The preparation involved in the training paid off.

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