Do I need TAE/TAA?
Choosing the right Train the Trainer program for your needs

Two broad streams for developing trainer skills in Australia

We urgently need to develop the skills and productivity of the Australian workforce. To build our international competitiveness, our employees need to have strong skills. They need to be productive.

Two clear alternatives have emerged for people who want to develop their ability to train others:


  • Completion of the TAE40110 Certificate IV in Training and Assessment (or similar/equivalent).

Do I need TAE/TAA? Which is the best train the trainer option?

The TAE40110 Certificate IV in Training and Assessment is ideal for:

  • Trainers and Assessors who work in TAFE.
  • Trainers and Assessors who delivery Nationally Recognised Training for a Registered Training Organisation (RTO).
  • Persons who are directly responsible for the provision of competency-based workplace training and apprenticeships.
  • People who are skilled in their vocation or trade and who wish to start a new career as trainers.
  • People working in organisations that demand a formal training qualification.

Many workplace training situations do not fit these criteria. Completing a certificate which covers many units aligned to the formal VET (Vocational Education Training) system is unnecessary and expensive. Why study something that is not relevant and does not apply in your work situation? For example, do any of the following match your learning needs?

  • Vocational Education and Training (VET)
  • History of VET
  • VET Policies and Frameworks
  • VET Stakeholders
  • National Skills Framework
  • Australian Quality Framework
  • Understanding The Structure Of A Unit Of Competency

Why study a training course that matches a curriculum that does not focus on your specific training need?

In addition, the qualification is regularly updated (about every three years). There is the expectation that participants will update their qualifications accordingly.

Expenditure on good, well designed and delivered training is an investment in the productivity growth of Australia.

If you need a short, specific, needs based Train the Trainer program, see: Derek Stockley Train the Trainer Course. The skills learnt will apply throughout your working career. They will never be "out of date".

In addition, many participants find the Train the Trainer program an excellent form of leadership/management development.

In Australia,

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Further training information

If required, a similar course based on your specific needs can be conducted for your organisation, see in-house training request page or learn more about in-house training at: in-house training explanation.

If you are interested in facilitator training, see Facilitator Training Course. If you are interested in public speaking training, see Public Speaking/Presentation Skills Training Course. For other presentation skills options, see: Presentation Skills.

If you are seeking a different type of trainer training, or an in-house program, see trainer development options or in-house. For example, specialist train the trainer course outlines an example of a trainer development course conducted. See also: other client case study examples.

This particular course outline involves a design that requires a number of participants, because learning from and providing feedback to peers is a key design element. However, individuals or groups of four or less can still receive quality training and coaching, see : On-demand Training and Coaching Service Explanation.

For all training courses offered, see: Training Topics.