The EssentialsPLUS approach to meeting training needs


If the courses outlined at Public (Short) Courses are close to your training requirements but do not quite match your training needs, then the EssentialsPLUS approach may work for you.

Extra, specialised training through EssentialsPLUS

Public courses have one great advantage - if they are structured properly, you have the opportunity to meet, mix and talk with people from different positions and organisations.

Public courses are also good for small team situations, where the whole team, for operational reasons, cannot be released simultaneously.

But what happens if you need some additional or specialised training as well?

Derek Stockley’s public courses cover the business essentials. They can provide the core requirements, but they cannot cater for every eventuality (although they do provide excellent coverage of the topic area).

This is where the Derek Stockley EssentialsPLUS training approach comes in. The method allows you to receive Effective Training.

You choose the public program that is a match, then request the extra or different content. For a small additional fee, the training consultant will provide the extra in a variety of different ways before, during or after the training day (as necessary).

Examples are:

Communication and Interpersonal Skills PLUS Customer Service - see Specialised Customer Service Training for a full description on how the EssentialsPLUS process works.

Communication and Interpersonal Skills PLUS Negotiation (if the Negotiation Skills Course is too detailed, or not available in your location, see Negotiation Skills).

Communication and Interpersonal Skills PLUS Sales.

Train the Trainer PLUS Facilitation Skills

Team Leader PLUS Customer Service Staff Coaching

In each of the examples above, the core program covers the essential skills. For example, customer service is principally about communication and interpersonal relations. However, there are some specific items to consider, but these can be covered through the EssentialsPLUS process. And unlike other public generic customer service programs, the training will be focussed on your specific customer service situation.

The EssentialsPLUS training can also provide extra focus on an aspect of the core program, for example, writing effective emails as part of written communication.

If you need more information or assistance, please contact Derek Stockley or express your interest in EssentialsPlus on the registration form for the course.

One-on-one coaching

If you are based in or near Melbourne, Victoria, Australia, you may wish to consider the practical, cost-effective alternative of the on demand coaching and small group coaching service. This is a very effective approach when your training need is specific to your own situation.

In-house training

Derek Stockley conducts in-house training in Melbourne and Sydney, as well as other Australian locations. Derek specialises in needs based training, which means that the training can be targeted specifically to your needs.

Key focus areas are leadership and management, personal and organisational productivity, customer service and training/presentation skills development.

The full range of training subjects and training courses covered by Derek Stockley is shown at: Training Topics.

Companies and other organisations with five or more to be trained can request further information and a quotation through the in-house training request page or learn more about in-house training at: in-house training explanation.

Further information

You can gain an overview of the business essentials programs at Public Training Courses.

The full range of training subjects and training courses covered by Derek Stockley is shown at: Training Topics.

For training consulting, see: Training Courses and Consulting.