Effective presentations - training, coaching and review

Derek Stockley outlines a wide range of public speaking and presentation training and coaching services for all staff levels, including sales and marketing staff, team leaders and managers.

There are five options - each offering specific, helpful advice and coaching that leads to successful presentations.

Public Training Course       In-house Training       Presentation Review Service       Presentation Help       Public Training Course

Different solutions.

Different people require different solutions. Some need the full range of training and coaching assistance.

Others need specific help with a particular presentation.

In between, there are a range of options.

Public Training Course      If you are seeking a public training course, see Public Speaking and Presentation Skills Program.

In-house Training      If you have four or more people to be trained, see In-house Public Speaking and Presentation Skills.

Presentation Review Service       If you need a quick review of your prepared presentation (rather than presentation coaching), see Quick Review - Presentation.

Presentation Help       If you need help designing and structuring your presentation and message, see Presentation Design Help.

Presentation Coaching       If you need coaching on the design and delivery, see:Public Speaking and Presentation Skills Coaching.

In Australia,

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