Is your conference or business presentation the best it can be?

Presentation Review       Derek Stockley outlines the approach to provide a quick but comprehensive review of your prepared presentation.

This service is for people who have already prepared a speech or presentation and are seeking an independent, external evaluation and suggested improvements.

Who is this presentation review process for?

If you are:

  • Presenting to a conference or an important business meeting and/or.
  • Have already completed the first (or later) drafts of your speaking notes and/or PowerPoint (or equivalent) slides.
  • Want to be sure you have correctly structured the presentation to achieve your objectives.

Then this service is for you!

What does the presentation review service involve?

  • You email your your presentation to Derek Stockley along with a brief explaining the presentation setting (for example a conference brochure or website address).
  • Derek Stockley will review the presentation.
  • Derek Stockley will email/call/Skype you to provide constructive feedback .
  • You will change/update the presentation based on the feedback received.
  • Derek Stockley will review your presentation again to ensure changes achieve desired outcomes.

What will the presentation review cover?

  • The structure and logic of your presentation or conference speech.
  • The match to the intended audience.
  • Whether or not your theme and message is consistent.
  • Whether or not your presentation is persuasive.
  • Whether or not your intended message is clear.
  • Whether or not your "call to action" is clear and appropriate.
  • Whether or not the presentation is visually pleasing, accurate and supportive of your message.

Who is the reviewer

Photo - Derek Stockley - training consultant

Derek Stockley has been been reviewing speeches and presentations for over 25 years. He has made presentations and speeches to large and small audiences. He has been a Master of Ceremonies. He has formal debating and oratory experience.

As a training consultant, Derek concentrates on the actual need. As a consequence of reviewing hundreds of presentations, he has the ability to quickly understand the concepts and ideas being explained. More importantly, he can quickly assess whether the presentation is on or off target.

How much does the review cost?

$300 AUD. Although Derek is based in Melbourne Australia, this service is available to anyone in the English speaking world. The only limitation is time zones - communication will be by email if your time zone is completely incompatible with the time in Melbourne, Australia.

Further information

Full confidentiality is assured, see: Confidentiality.

In Australia,

For full contact details, see Contact Details (with time information).

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