Management consulting as part of an "on-demand" training and consulting service

Derek Stockley, a Melbourne based trainer, facilitator and consultant, provides an example of on-demand training and coaching with the added value of management consulting advice as well. The example is about presentation and facilitation skills, but the same principles also apply to train the trainer, leadership training and management skills, soft skills and some human resources activities.

Meeting an urgent and specific management training need

In some cases, an informal "on-the-job" training and/or coaching session can meet an urgent and important need. The session can be organised in a relatively short period of time (particularly in Melbourne and Victoria).

This method can be very cost effective for one, two, three or four people. This is because the training/coaching is directly related to actual staff needs. Consulting input can also be provided as part of the session.

Presentation and facilitation training

A recent two day program for a senior consultant in a major, global ICT company demonstrates how training, coaching and consulting can be combined. The consultant was part of a small team implementing a new consulting service to very large companies and organisations throughout the world.

As each assignment represented a major investment by the client, and the target market was relatively small, it was (and is) critical that marketing presentations were (and are) very effective and well facilitated.

The training/coaching session covered general presentation techniques and presentation design and delivery. As he would also be facilitating workshops, the design and conduct of project workshops was also covered. During the sessions, actual draft presentations and workshops agendas were reviewed and designed/redesigned to improve marketing or delivery efficiency and effectiveness.

As an added bonus, the business models and processes that had been developed by the international head office were reviewed and revised for the anticipated responses of Australian based clients.

Excellent value - very time effective

The two days were very intensive. In fact, the staff member spent many hours revising and preparing material based on the outcomes of the first day (a Wednesday). This was then reviewed and presented to Derek on the Friday, the second training/coaching day.

The particular training needs of the staff consultant could not have been met though attendance at public training programs. To even partially meet his needs, many days of training courses would have been required. Given the critical nature of the project, and the very tight time constraints involved, public training courses were not viable.

This assignment demonstrates how Derek Stockley can use his wide variety of skills and experience to train, coach and guide staff members to improve both individual and organisational performance, particularly where management/specialist staff time is a critical resource.

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