Skills coaching -"on-demand" training examples - Melbourne, Victoria, Australia

Derek Stockley provides examples of on-demand training. The examples are about presentation skills, but the same principles also applies to train the trainer, leadership training and management skills, soft skills and human resources (including recruitment and selection).

Other actual examples of client assignments are at Case studies. If you are seeking a public training program (leadership, time, presentation skills, train the trainer), see Short courses in Melbourne.

Meeting the urgent and specific employee training need

In some cases, an informal "on-the-job" training and/or coaching session can meet an urgent and important need. The session can be organised in a relatively short period of time (particularly in the eastern suburbs of Melbourne, Victoria, Australia).

This method can be very cost effective for one, two, three or four people. This is because the training/coaching is directly related to actual needs. Consulting input can also be provided

Public relations staff member presentation training and coaching

For example a staff member, involved in public relations for a major Victorian project, required coaching in the design and delivery of presentations. She used the PowerPoint presentation software.

The session covered general presentation techniques and design improvements to an actual presentation. She received feedback on public speaking aspects as well as her interaction/use of the PowerPoint presentation and equipment.

Public speaking/presentations

Three manufacturing company staff, who are often required to give presentations to staff and board meetings, as well as externally at seminars and conferences, needed specific public speaking and presentation skills training.

The day focussed on designing presentations to achieve the desired outcomes and the techniques and methods to get there. Group and individual coaching sessions were held.

Excellent value - much time saved!

In both sessions, the training covered topics typically found in a one day Public Speaking/Presentations course as well as a one/two day basic/advanced PowerPoint course. However, for each group, the content was different. As they already had existing skills, they did not have to "revise" material that they already knew - a major time/cost saving. (If public speaking/presentation skills training is your specific interest, see: Presentation Skills).

The session can include consulting as well, see Training and coaching in presentations and facilitation - shows how personal coaching can include more than training and development, in this case marketing advice.

Available "on-the-job" or coaching topics

Derek Stockley can cover a wide variety of general training and coaching topics. Training may be broadly based, or on a specific topic chosen from the topics listed below.

As Derek has a broad range of experience, such sessions can involve consulting assistance as well, for example, the review of procedures and processes.

The training/coaching topics include:

In many of the above topics, Derek could provide consulting input as well.

For example:

  • Advice on how to approach a particular TNA need.

  • Development of a high value enquiry process (customer service).

  • Design of a specific recruitment campaign.

These examples show how Derek Stockley’s experience adds to his consulting work. For other examples, see: training and consulting case studies.

For other case studies, see Client case studies.

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