What is effective training?

Effective training has to:

  • Have the right content (or content adjusted to participant needs).

  • Be aimed at the right level (matching your existing skills and experience).

  • Be the right length - to match your development need and your time availability.

  • Be timetabled on day/s and month/s that suit your work demands.

  • Be led by a skilled and reputable trainer/facilitator.

  • Be reasonably priced and good value.

A Training Needs Analysis is the starting point. The design should be comprehensive. Even then, the trainer delivering the program needs to be flexible, adjusting the content and delivery to suit the needs of participants as they emerge.

Derek Stockley public courses are explained at Public (Short) Courses. If these courses cover your training need, then the Derek Stockley Training Method assures you that the training will be relevant and suitable to you.

If you need more information on a related/companion topic, then the EssentialsPLUS approach, which combines a public course with extra training, may meet your needs, see: EssentialsPLUS.

If you are based in or near Melbourne, Victoria, Australia, you may wish to consider the practical, cost-effective alternative of the on demand coaching and small group coaching service. This is a very effective approach when your training need is specific to your own situation.

Derek Stockley conducts in-house training in Melbourne and Sydney, as well as other Australian locations. Derek specialises in needs based training, which means that the training can be targeted specifically to your needs.

The full range of training subjects and training courses covered by Derek Stockley is shown at: Training Topics.

Companies and other organisations with five or more to be trained can request further information and a quotation through the in-house training request page or learn more about in-house training at: in-house training explanation.

For training consulting, see: Training Courses and Consulting.