Coaching Skills Program

No public course dates have been set for 2014 - if you are interested in this program as an in-house program, please contact Derek Stockley.

Alternatively, depending on your needs, our unique EssentialsPLUS service may be of assistance to you.

The EssentialsPLUS component in your case would be an appropriate focus on coaching as it applies to your environment, see:: EssentialsPLUS Explanation.

Derek Stockley presents a coaching skills training program in central Melbourne, Victoria which provides participants with the opportunity to update and enhance their coaching skills as a team leader or manager. The coaching skills course is also available in Sydney.

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Coaching skills are essential

Participants will be able to:

  • Understand the role of the coach
  • Effectively prepare and conduct coaching discussions
  • Work with team members to improve their performance

This program is for people holding or moving into team leader or management roles, or people established in those roles, but who have not had any formal coaching training.

The course is needs based. You cover the coaching skills techniques and ideas, but a substantial component involves practical exercises that let you focus on the management of issues most important to you.

Program details

Topics include:

  • The role of the coach
  • Understanding the principles of behaviour change, and the barriers to change
  • Managing staff performance
  • Teaching a skill or process
  • When training is not the answer
  • Communication skills for coaches
  • Setting effective goals
  • Preparing to coach
  • Conducting the coaching discussion
  • Coaching follow up

If this course description is close to your requirements, but you have a different or additional need, see the explanation of the EssentialsPLUS process at Course Alternatives.

Times and Dates

This course is available as an in-house training program only.


If required, a venue can be provided at:
Derek Stockley,
Level 15, 350 Collins St,
Melbourne VIC 3000

Further information

Companies and other organisations with training five or more to be trained can request further information and a quotation through the in-house training request page or learn more about in-house training at: in-house training explanation.

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