Comparison - Certificate 1V in Assessment and Workplace Training versus Certificate 1V in Training and Assessment

Derek Stockley provides a comparison between the previous Certificate 1V in Assessment and Workplace Training and the Certificate 1V in Training and Assessment (Circa 2005 - these have been updated since).

Qualifications are provided by registered training organisations, as part of Australia's national training framework. Derek Stockley, through a partnership arrangement, can provide the certificate four, see: Certificate IV in Training and Assessment.

The changes and background to the training certificate qualification are explained at the TAA Training Package page.

Please note: the information provided on this page is provided in good faith and has been checked against publicly available resources. It is now out of date, as outlined above. Please see: Disclaimer.

New qualification increases units

Trainers have found the expanded scope of the new qualification daunting, as the number of units in the new certificate went to fourteen (from eight in the former certificate). The units themselves have greater depth and breadth.

Certificate 1V Units - Training and Assessment (TAA) Training Package

New Certificate 1V in Training and Assessment

Twelve core units PLUS two elective units. The core units are:

  • TAAENV401A - Work effectively in vocational education and training
  • TAAENV402A - Foster and promote an inclusive learning culture
  • TAAENV403A - Ensure a safe and healthy learning environment
  • TAADES401A - Use Training Packages to meet client needs
  • TAADES402A - Design and develop learning programs
  • TAADEL401A - Plan and organise group based delivery
  • TAADEL403A - Facilitate individual learning
  • TAADEL404A - Facilitate work based learning
  • TAAASS401A - Plan and organise assessment
  • TAAASS402A - Assess competence
  • TAAASS403A - Develop assessment tools
  • TAAASS404A - Participate in assessment validation

The two elective units are drawn from six TAA units and five imported units. Alternatively, one of the the two elective units can be selected from the TAA50104 Diploma of Training and Assessment, or any other Diploma or any other Certificate IV.

In the final product, the following unit was moved from "core" to optional.

  • TAADEL402A - Facilitate group based learning

    There are five other TAA units and five imported units from the Business Services.

    Certificate IV in Assessment and Workplace Training

    The current eight units (all compulsory)

    • BSZ401A - Plan Assessment
    • BSZ402A - Conduct Assessment
    • BSZ403A - Review Assessment
    • BSZ404A - Train Small Groups
    • BSZ405A - Plan and Promote a Training Session
    • BSZ406A - Plan a Series of Training Sessions
    • BSZ407A - Deliver Training Sessions
    • BSZ408A - Review Training

    Further training development information

    The training options provided by Derek Stockley are discussed further at: Trainer Development Options, including an online Certificate IV in Training and Assessment.