Case Study - Time Management Seminar

Derek Stockley conducts training and coaching programs. This client case study describes a time management seminar conducted as part of a professional development program.

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Large group - time management seminar

This seminar was part of a professional development program held at a retreat in the country.

As it was only for a half day, the program included some time use analysis prior to the session. This maximised the time available to discuss general time management techniques and ideas, as well as specific time management issues faced by participants.

Participants operated in a highly technical area with unique time management issues.

Even though the group was large (over 30 participants), each person covered the time management issues relevant to them.

The positive reaction to the seminar aided the success of the retreat. The practical and interactive nature of the program helped participants to get to know each other. This contrasted with the more formal aspects of the retreat program.

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