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Derek Stockley is a trainer, facilitator and consultant. This experience ensures that every assignment receives a "big picture" approach.

Applying training, facilitation and consulting expertise to your organisational need

Quite often, learning and consulting assignments undertaken by Derek Stockley draw on some or all aspects of his training, facilitation and consulting expertise.

In this example, participants were a complete management team of a technically based organisation.

The program covered communication, motivation and leadership. The training aspect covered specific leadership skills. The day was also designed as a team development opportunity. Discussions concerned solutions to practical, day-to-day management issues already faced by the team.

The outcome included both skill development and team building. Solutions to existing problems were identified for action by the team in the weeks after the training.

All training programs conducted by Derek are individually designed to meet the particular needs and circumstances of the participants. In this case, the design and execution were helped by:

  • Derek's personal involvement and experience in the leadership of voluntary, community based organisations.
  • Derek's exposure to technically based environments, including consulting research in a similar organisation.
  • Derek's experience and work with health and safety, a major feature of the unit’s operations.
  • Derek's exposure to the types and different levels of participants, including the variety of work experience they would bring to the training.

The leadership team went through a team development process as part of the training design. Although the "content" of the day related to skills development, the "process" for the day had the dual objectives of successful training and team development outcomes.

This is one example of how Derek Stockley’s experience adds to his training and consulting work. For other examples, see: training and consulting case studies.

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