Training, facilitation and consulting case studies

Derek Stockley provides training and consulting services for small and large business, companies, government and organisations . Each assignment is different.

These example case studies provide some insight on how Derek Stockley team members apply their knowledge and experience to the wide variety of clients we work with.

If you would prefer a listing by topic, see: Case study by topic listing.

Derek Stockley sometimes declines assignments, see the: "Not necessary" Case study where Derek Stockley determined that training was not required - even though the potential client had requested it.

"In-house" training cases - five or more participants

Specialised support for new computer system implementation - explains how a train the trainer program was specifically designed to support "superusers" in the implementation of a new financial computer system.

Leadership and team development - outlines a leadership development training program that also included team development.

Staff development - a department manager requested a career and staff development training day for his staff.

Sales development program - outlines a sales development training program.

"On-demand" training cases - one to four participants

Training and coaching in public speaking and presentations - multiple examples of small group coaching and training.

Train the trainer and public speaking skills - training and presentation skills training and coaching with one senior manager.

Train the trainer and leadership coaching skills - training techniques and leadership skills training and coaching with team leaders.

Training and coaching in presentations and facilitation - shows how personal coaching can include more than training and development, in this case marketing advice.

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Individuals or groups of four or less can register their interest: On-demand Service Registration or learn more about it at: On-demand Training and Coaching Explanation.

Companies and other organisations with five or more to be trained can request further information and a quotation:in-house training request or learn more about it: in-house training explanation.

Client information is at: client listing and client privacy and confidentiality.

For training consulting, see: Training Courses and Consulting.

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