Advanced Train the Trainer Course - a practical, refresher training program for trainers

This is advanced refresher training for training officers, consultants and others involved in developing and presenting training courses. Derek Stockley is a training consultant with a passion for helping others develop and learn.

The Advanced course is available as a two day in-house course only. It can be conducted in Melbourne, Sydney, Brisbane, Perth or anywhere else in Australia.

However, two practical public course alternatives exist:

Professional Development course image  Professional Development for Trainers - Melbourne. This is a one day program for experienced trainers.
Train the Trainer course image  Train the Trainer - Melbourne, Sydney, Brisbane, Perth. Many experienced trainers have found this program helpful and very worthwhile.

In-house Refresher Training for Trainers

This in-house course covers advanced training techniques for people wanting to extend their practical training skills and experience.

Training officers and consultants in the business, community and education sectors recognise the importance of continuous learning. Whilst elearning programs, professional journals, etc. can provide information on the latest trends, sometimes active involvement in a "training room" situation is the best form of training. It allows interaction and discussion with other trainers and presenters.

This course is designed for participants who want to develop and refine their training competencies. It is specifically designed for those who may have had some "formal" train the trainer participation. Typical participants may have received training in their company or organisation. Alternatively, they may have completed some or all of the modules in the Certificate IV in Assessment and Workplace Training.

The next step is to extend and refine the skills to design and deliver effective training that meets real organisational needs.

The need for further training could have been precipitated by a variety of factors:

  • An absence from training activities in recent times.

  • A new initiative requiring extensive employee or staff training.

  • Moving into a new field of operation.

  • A situation requiring a different training approach and style.

  • Further professional development requirements.

  • The need for more practical training experience.

Whatever the reason, this course offers the opportunity to practice and refine training skills.

Advanced Train the Trainer - Course Outline

The course involves attendance at two training days spread over one week, with some additional research and training session preparation required between Day 1 and Day 2. The blended learning approach provides additional opportunities for participant knowledge development.

Day 1

  • Introductions and Orientation
  • Current Learning and Training Trends
  • The Training Cycle Today
  • Assessment and Evaluation
  • Setting Research and Practice Session Parameters
  • Summary/Evaluations

Research/Preparation Week

Based on the material covered in Day 1, participants will carry out additional research relevant to their learning needs. Each participant will design and prepare training material to be presented on Day 2.

Day 2

Participants present training sessions to fellow participants. Each session is reviewed and evaluated.

The practical sessions form a base for further development and learning.

Who is the trainer?

Derek Stockley has over 25 years training, management and consulting experience in a wide variety of organisations. He works with participants at all organisational levels.

For further information, see: Expression of Interest.