Client confidentiality and privacy

This page explains the Derek Stockley (DSPL) approach to client privacy. For information about the type of industries served, and the staff backgrounds we work with, see: client listing.

We respect the privacy of our clients.

We do not divulge the names and details of our training and general consulting clients on this website without their permission and authorisation. We do provide very broad information to assist prospective clients.

When relevant, we do provide case studies that may provide an example of a similar assignment. The identity of the client is not revealed - only a very broad description of the nature of the client’s activities are described. The cases concentrate on describing the problem/situation and the solution provided.

We have had hundreds of participants from many different types of organisations attend our public training events. We do not believe it is fair to list the participant’s organisation as a client. You have probably seen such a listing in a course brochure, listing the major banks, insurance and telecommunication companies serving your region as "past clients".

We do provide testimonials. These are unedited comments taken direct from actual training evaluation forms. The identity of the person writing the comment is not revealed.

Sometimes, website visitors may write to us about an article or information section on this site. Sometimes, we may write back to them requesting permission to list their comment as feedback for other visitors. Some websites also provide comments when reviewing a resource on this website. See website feedback example. All comments listed are unsolicited, i.e. the comment has not been requested.

What's next?

For client industry and staff backgrounds, see: client listing.

For actual assignment examples, see: training and consulting case studies.

For actual comments by training participants, see participant testimonials.

For more information, please select Derek's services and/or background information.

If you are interested in organising a training program, or you require consulting assistance, or telephone or write to Derek Stockley at Derek Stockley Contact Details