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By Andrew Stockley

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Chirnside Park (Postcode 3116) is on the outskirts of Melbourne, near Mooroolbark and Lilydale, in Victoria, Australia.

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This page was prepared by Andrew Stockley (pictured here with his Grandma) as part of a Grade Six School Project (2002). It was last updated in late 2013. A feedback form is provided at the bottom of the page.

This page gives a brief description and outlines some facts, history, statistics, and population information that describe the Chirnside Park community. The information is provided as community service to people seeking information about Chirnside Park, Mooroolbark and Lilydale.

Chirnside Park - Early History

Chirnside Park grew out of the property originally called Mooroolbark Park.

In 1838, a grazing licence was taken out over an estimated area of 15,000 acres of land. It was put up for auction in the middle of 1853.

From 1845 to 1921, a variety of owners developed the area which became known as Mooroolbark Park.

The property was 960 acres of rich black soil, abundantly watered from two springs. About 100 acres were in cultivation and extensive grass paddocks surrounded the homestead, which consisted of a two storey stone house.

Chirnside Family

George Chirnside sold out of Werribee Park in 1921, and purchased a property then known as Mooroolbark Park near the town of Lilydale. The Chirnside empire kept the Mooroolbark Park name.

George Chirnside lived a lonely life at Mooroolbark Park until his death in 1940. His wife died three years later. After George's death, Mooroolbark Park was maintained for his daughter.

Despite her father's wishes, permission to sell was given in 1950. Although plans were made, it took many years to finalise the sale.

Chirnside Park Development

It was not until 1962 that the name of Chirnside Park was adopted when the main company, Community Centres Pty. Ltd, and the developers, Willmore and Randell, proposed the Chirnside Park and Country Club residential development.

The developer's advertisements indicated the name Chirnside Park was to honour Thomas Chirnside who founded the famous Chirnside empire in 1839. The gracious buildings of the Chirnside Park Country Club stand as a memorial to the pioneer spirit of those early days.

During the 1970's, the post office took a ballot of the peoples preference for a name for the area. After a majority vote, Chirnside Park 3116 was created.

Chirnside Park and George Chirnside

Chirnside Park will establish the name of Chirnside in the minds of the people to a far greater degree than could ever have been the dream of George Chirnside himself, who spent much of the last twenty years of his life wandering throughout the estate.

Population of Chirnside Park

Year	Population
1838	      2 	(estimate)
1921	     40 	(estimate)
1962	     70	(estimate)
1981	   5493
1991	   6738
1996	   6509
2001	   8854 	(made up of 4,396 males and 4,458 females)
2006       9092

Breakdown of 2001 census figures

			Males	Females	Persons

Aged 15 years and over(a)	3,418	3,528	6,946
Aged 65 years and over(a)	416	435	851

Chirnside Park Community

The community is really in three parts.

The first part is the original Chirnside Park residential area and shopping centre, including the primary school and sports grounds.

Next to the old part, a new estate called Chirnside Village has been added. This also includes a church and Oxley College as well as new shops, a cinema and Bunnings hardware.

The third part of the community is the town of Lilydale, which is next to Chirnside Park. It is part of my community because it has many essential services that the people where I live need.

These include the railway station, police station, fire station (a fire station has now been built in Chirnside Park), ambulance station, the library and Lilydale Lake.

This is why my community is in three parts.

Around the older and newer houses are shops and cinemas and schools. Essential services are in nearby Lilydale. All together, these things make up my community.

Photos taken around Chirnside Park in 2011 are included in this 2011 PowerPoint Presentation.

These photos of Chirnside Park and related areas were taken by Andrew Stockley in 2002.

Cinema at Chirnside Park. Photo by Andrew Stockley.

Primary School at Chirnside Park. Photo by Andrew Stockley.

Old Mobil Service Station at Chirnside Park - now a 7Eleven outlet. Photo by Andrew Stockley.

Chirnside Park Shopping Centre. Photo by Andrew Stockley.

Bunnings at Chirnside Park. Photo by Andrew Stockley.

The Museum at Lilydale. Photo by Andrew Stockley.

The fire station at Lilydale. Photo by Andrew Stockley.

The library at Lilydale. Photo by Andrew Stockley.

Lilydale Lake. Photo by Andrew Stockley.

This page was first created in July 2002, and was last modified on 29 September 2013. The information about Chirnside Park is provided as a community service.

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