Training Consulting Approach

An explanation of the consulting approach taken by Derek Stockley, including a discussion of the motto, logo, vision and mission of the training (HRD) and management business:

For information about clients and testimonials, see clients and training testimonials.


The consulting business is proudly Australian based, although it serves the international market. Australia is helped in two ways. Firstly, by providing direct services to individuals and organisations in Australia. Secondly, by representing Australia to the world.

Achievement and real personal/organisational progress is achieved through helping individuals to function more effectively. The approach is to help, by transferring skills and fostering growth and ensuring that the organisation is using the best and most appropriate processes.


Making a difference through training and consulting services
that meet real needs

See also: Derek Stockley Mantra.

It is essential to make a difference - to add value, to aid efficiency and effectiveness. The services provided must meet real needs. Too often standard approaches are used by consultants in an attempt to fit all situations. Meeting client needs means identifying what is required and designing the unique processes that provide solutions.


The symbol is a simple design representing partnership and growth, which is linked to the Derek Stockley name. The two oval shapes represent a partnership. The out-facing arrows indicate expansion and growth.

The symbol is then combined with the Derek Stockley name to create the logo:

Derek Stockley Logo)



To be a high quality training and consulting provider operating at the world's best practice level, working in partnership to fulfil needs; exceed expectations; and achieve a real difference to individuals and organisations in an ethical and professional manner.


To deliver specific training and consulting services and products, that:

fulfil individual and organisation needs; and

facilitate innovative achievement and best practice

in an ethical and professional manner.

Business/Quality Approaches

Although some products are international, the business is Australian focused, aimed at providing externally sourced assistance to individuals and organisations. The approach involves working in partnership with individuals, developing skills and developing ownership of the changes being implemented. The purpose is to guide and facilitate, so that as each assignment is concluded, the work and direction set continues.

The business involves both training and consulting activities in specific areas. Outputs can include products, either for client use, for publication or direct sale.

Derek Stockley:

does not do everything, but what is done, is done well;

does fulfil client needs and meet expectations; see: setting training and learning at the right level;

incorporates quality, benchmarking and best practice in all areas;

works in partnership, developing solutions rather than providing answers;

has broad experience which ensures each project heeds the 'big picture';

   subscribes to high ethical standards.

Quality Approaches

The overall conduct of the practice includes:

response to client enquiries within specified time frames re: initial contact, preparation of project outlines;

project management processes;

training design which is specific to the identified needs of the client, professionally developed and presented and includes training needs analysis and evaluation processes when required;

use of appropriate technology and web based products appropriate for the client group;

requirement for principal to undertake professional and product development activities on a regular basis, including peer review where possible.

The business has a range of quality practices in place and is committed to a process of continuous improvement.

The overall approach to quality is shown on the attached flowchart. Programs and products are regularly reviewed and evaluated. As examples, see: customer feedback and testimonials

quality flow diagram


General comments made by people who have worked with Derek Stockley:

"My goals have been achieved."

"I feel more confident in approaching tasks."

"Made individuals feel comfortable."

"I will be better able to deal with team and individual problems in the workplace."


Comments about Derek's training ability are listed at: current testimonials about Derek's training ability - taken from actual evaluations at recent training programs.

For information about the approach to dealing with clients, see client approach.


Contacting Derek Stockley for further discussions

Derek conducts in-house training. If this is not appropriate, he also provides an "on demand" or just-in-time (JIT) training service. It provides relevant and targeted training when a public short course is not available and in-house training is not appropriate. See: On-demand Training - Meeting Specific Training Needs.

If you are interested in organising a training program, or you require consulting assistance, or telephone or write to Derek Stockley at Derek Stockley Contact Details.

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