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Derek Stockley

Derek Stockley has a long history of providing effective training programs. He has been operating since 1989. Derek is the Director of Achieve ABC Pty Ltd (AABC). AABC stands for Achieving Actual Behaviour Change.

Public training courses are conducted in Melbourne through Achieve ABC Pty Ltd. In-house courses can be conducted anywhere in Australia or overseas. Derek has organised and conducted courses in Australia for delegations from overseas.

Derek Stockley has personally conducted two day programs for overseas companies in Singapore, Kuala Lumpur, Bangkok and Dubai. He has also conducted a five day program in the Solomon Islands for a major international charity.

Derek’s Story

Derek discovered his passion for training at an early age. Through his membership of a worldwide service organisation (JCI), he participated in his first Train the Trainer program whilst still completing his business degree. When he graduated, he sought and was successful in gaining a training position. Although his work expanded to cover project management, management and internal consulting, training was still a central theme with all his employers. In 1989 he established his training business. Derek has personally conducted programs for hundreds of people. More importantly, he has talked with participants, not at them! It is why he makes the "Test Derek Challenge". This approach and passion is reflected in the Corporate Mantra.

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Derek Stockley

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Derek Stockley often surprises potential clients because of the depth of understanding gained very quickly when discussing training needs, see Test Derek. In Australia, .